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Soaked in saliva

Alana , Manuela
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Foot Worship
Date Aug 20, 2020


Alana walked in her beautiful high heels all day, and now her feet are exhausted, crushed and sore. Such nice feet can't be so badly treated! So when Manuela arrives, the red-haired slave runs to please and care for her domme's feet, with her incredible tongue skills and, of course, her saliva! Alana puts her soles up and lets Manuela work with her mouth, sucking on her calves, licking the entire surface, stroking toe by toe and leaving the skin on her feet shiny and even a little sticky because of all the saliva she invests in the movement. Alana relaxes while Manuela enjoys and gets excited with these soft feet!

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