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New pair of heels

Manuela , Poliana
Duration 31 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Foot Worship
Date Sep 10, 2020


Manuela is resting after an entire afternoon shopping for shoes, and is already wearing her beautiful new heels to impress her girlfriend. When Poliana arrives, she is dazzled by Manuela's pair of black heels, and she can't resist, so she wants to debut the redhead's shoes, kissing them and getting a taste of them. These two end up getting very horny, and Poliana leaves Manuela barefoot, focusing on her delicious feet. Poliana distributes kisses, hickeys, licks, toes and calves being swallowed and a lot of saliva on the redhead's feet, while she masturbates with a huge black dildo. You can't tell what is more delicious: Manuela's feet being worship, with Poliana feeling their taste, or she masturbating. Hmmmm!

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