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Irresistible soles

Manuela , Víbora
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Foot Worship
Date Jan 11, 2024


Vibora is on the sofa with bare feet on the table, Manuela is on the floor, next to her, where is possible feel the good smell coming from Vibora's soles, Manuela is trying to resist, she sits closer and the smell is strong, sweet and tasty. VIbora fastly understand what Manuela wants and decided to talk to her. Do you wanna try? let's go! Lick my soles! Manuela at first gave a shy smile, but quickly put her wet tongue to work. OMG said Manuela, it' so delicious! Manuela is licking the soles and between the fingers, Vibora is really excited and lick Manuela's feet back.

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