Resting day

Karla , Raquel
Duration 29 minutes
Quality HD
Category Foot Worship
Date Dec 03, 2019


Karla visits Raquel and invites her out. The brunette refuses and says she prefers to take the day off to rest, and begins to caress her own feet. Karla gets delighted and begins to kiss her feet softly while massaging them, and surrenders: they will have a day of rest together, taking good care of each other's feet. Running her hand and mouth across the surface of Raquel's lower limbs, Karla sucks finger-by-finger, wets her friend's soles and insteps with saliva, and enjoys the taste that her beautiful and delicious feet have, savoring every part her mouth visits. Of course, Raquel reciprocates, and these two intertwine to reach each other's feet. It's so delicious that you'll moan with them!

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