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Pleasurable visit for my feet

Manuela , Sabrina Green
Duration 31 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Foot Slave
Date Aug 22, 2019


Sabrina Green licks a foot like no one else, and since today she showed up at Manuela's house for a surprise visit, the redhead couldn't help but asking the blonde to please her. Beginning by running her tongue across the surface of Manu's high heels, Sabrina evolves licking her socks as well and then reaches her feet. With a lot of accumulated saliva, she moistens all the skin of the redhead's lower limbs, licking both of her feet and sucking each finger very carefully. They lie and roll on the bed and floor, varying the positions where Sabrina Green swallows Manu's wonderful feet. Who wouldn't want a visit like that, huh?

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