Lick like a dog

Manuela , Ariella
Duration 32 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Foot Slave
Date Oct 03, 2019


Manuela is carrying Ariella on a leash because today she will be her little dog. In addition, the slave will have to use her tongue to please the domme's feet, licking them like a dog would! Stretching it out completely and letting her saliva spread, Ariella licks every corner of Manuela's beautiful feet, listening to each instruction and shifting attentively whenever the domme asks, so that no part is left without her licks. The toes are sucked one by one, spaced apart, and the calves are swallowed almost completely by Ariella's mouth. It is a pleasure for Manuela to rub her soles on the slave's face and still make her lick her shoes!

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