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Why are you using my shoes?

Manuela , Janaina Slave , Taamy
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Foot Slave
Date Oct 20, 2022


Janaina is cleaning the room when she saw Manuela's red high heel on the bed, Janaina loves that shoes and decided to take a look, and ohhh, it's the same size of her feet, once she is alone at home, decided to put it on just to feel it and see that amazing shoes on her feet. But she can not imagine Manuela and Thammy got home and now they are on bedroom seeing Janaina with her stinky feet wearing Manuela's favorite shoes. Now Manuela and Thammy decided to use Janaina's tongue to clean it, they are really having fun with the loser girl licking the dirty soles of that shoes and decided to have some fun working with barefeet on her mouth too.

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