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Soft pantyhoses

Diana , Josie
Duration 60 minutes
Quality HD
Category Foot Worship
Date Mar 03, 2020


Diana and Josie are talking, and notice each other's black tights. They look so soft, so tasty and so beautiful, and make the girls' feet and legs so irresistible.... Diana and Josie are so attracted that they go to the bed, to exchange some kisses and enjoy the softness of their socks. They rub their cloth-covered feet, massage their clitoris with their toes and even kiss and suck the parts of their feet over the pantyhose, enjoying the fabric and each other's lower limbs as much as they can, because all that moment causes a huge boner on them. Who would resist something like this? Feet are already perfect, and with these socks, they become the best thing in the world!

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