My first foot worship!

Drika , Lola Mello , Melissa Ramos
Duration 29 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Foot Worship
Date Apr 17, 2014


Lola Mello comes home and saw Melissa and her new friend on the sofa... Melissa says that Drika is new on fetish's world and for today, she wants to learn how to worship feet. Lola loves this idea, all that she wants for today is have her feet worshiped. Now the Foot Party is complete... Drika, Melissa and Lola's feet!!! Drika is lively to start, Melissa says for Drika feel the great smell of Lola's feet... Dika loves, we can see in this time that she is very shy yet. After appreciate the smell, is time to suck... but Drika does not knows how to hold the Lola's feet in her hands... but she will have a great teacher. Drika and Melissa start to suck, geting pleasure for Lola that now, has her perfect feet very wet and shining of saliva. Sucking toes by toes and between they, putting the all feet into the mouth and bit by bit Drika is relaxing. Lola asks for Melissa and Drika give a kiss and she puts her feet in the middle... amazing!! The feet worship continues with Melissa sharing her experience with the new girl Drika and much pleasure.

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