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You Broke the Deal

Amanda , Diana , Jade , Barbara Cristina
Duration 59 minutes
Quality HD
Category Foot Slave
Date Nov 03, 2017


Dyana is doing a little research for college about mistresses and slaves then she goes to the house of the Mistress Bárbara Cristina to learn how it works all the process to search a nice slave, her profile, etc. But the Mistress makes clear that it can not take pictures of the place. After a little talk and a nice demonstration of how to dominate a girl, the Mistress discover a hidden spy taking pictures of all the house! Dyana shall not be forgiven and become a slave of Bárbara Cristina to learn to respect a Mistress! Dyana and Jade will suffer a lot of burning through hot paraffin and a hairdryer, spanking and much more! What began as a research end with the researcher feeling like to be the perfect slave! One of the best movies of the studio, don't miss!

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