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Alana's foot slave

Alana , Melissa Ramos
Duration 31 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Foot Slave
Date Oct 16, 2014


Alana enters on her bedroom with her slave, she knows that Melissa loves to lick her soft feet and toes so, she decided to enjoy it MAKING her to worship them. Alana is wearing black boots and asks to Melissa first give a special treatment, cleaning the soles and heel, here you'll see some smelling on boot. After her boots clean, Alana asks for the submissive slave to remove the black boots, revealing the perfect feet with nails polished, now the slave is smelling her soft sweaty feet. Melissa now with her tongue out, Alana starts to work her feet, passing on Melissa's wet tongue and scrubbing on face. In this position, Alana puts the foot into Melissa's mouth to suck all toes. Now Alana is relaxing, she puts Melissa on her bed, the little foot bitch received spit on mouth because Alana wants her soles shining and very wet to can work hard on mouth. It's so sexy watch Alana with tickles and pleasure, her feet are very sensitive. Melissa is doing a great foot worship making her dome very happy and satisfied.

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