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Feet on your face

Babi Ventura , Tay , Priscila
Duration 32 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Foot Slave
Date Feb 20, 2020


Babi is crazy behind her shoe to go out, and Priscila appears with it, still dirty, even after Babi asked her to wash it. The brunette then makes her clean the shoe with her tongue, and Tay already takes advantage of the moment to mistreat Priscila too. The two dommes together make her take off their shoes and start hitting Priscila in the face with their feet, besides supporting them in the slave's open mouth and still making her stifle for having to swallow their toes. The demeaning continues, and Priscila obeys the orders to kiss, lick, spread saliva and suck the feet of the dommes, part by part, from the toes to the calves. Finally, her face is crushed by the soles of their feet, and the torment comes to an end!

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