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Becoming slave

Jessica Winchester , Nathaly
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Foot Slave
Date Feb 16, 2023


Jessica is rich and cruel her, she doesn`t care about anyone even her own family. Nathaly, her cousin is poor and need to work in Jessica`s house to get some money. Jessica has a dream to see her cousin as her slave, to her Nathaly is a real slave. She got home and goes to the sofa, Nathaly says Hello, but she was ignored by Jessica, once she need the money, she accpets that. Nathaly keep working and Jessica put the feet on the table and again Nathaly complain to Jessica. Jessica told to Nathaly that she is a slave, she replies saying she is not a slave. Jessica removes the high heels and start playing rubbing the soles and she knows Nathaly is seeing that, trying to keep the focus on the work but she really want to lick Jessica`s feet. Jessica throws the high heels and order to Nathaly bring it back to her, Nathaly takes the hight heels and lick it, she thinks Nathaly is not seeing that and licks it again, and again.... so Jessica saw it and said... I know, you are slave COME ON AND LICK MY SOLES... Nathaly goes on knees and start licking her cousing feet.

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