The shoe store

Karla , Jessica
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Foot Fetish
Date Mar 19, 2019


Jessica was walking on the streets and found a very nice store, full of beautiful products. She entered and got interested in the clothes, so Karla, the saleswoman, came to help her choose. Walking a little bit more inside of the store, she found the thing she loves the most: shoes! She tried a lot of them… Black, brown, high heels, flats… Karla, while helping Jessica, falls in love with her feet, massaging and caressing them. They both enjoy the moment and things get hotter, with Karla kissing and licking Jessica’s beautiful feet. Client and saleswoman get way too horny because of the feet licking and a little bit of lesbian act happens… Curious to watch this special treatment? Don’t lose it!

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