Please me or I’ll hit you!

Chris Castelary , Jessica
Duration 35 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Foot Fetish
Date Jan 24, 2019


Chris gets home after walking on her high heels all day and all she wants is to lay on her bed and rest. For her surprise, her maid Jessica is doing the same thing she was by the time Chris left home earlier: making the bed. Pissed with the girl’s laziness, Chris decides to punish her by making the girl take care of her tired beautiful feet. Threatening the maid, this boss says that if she doesn’t like the massage, she will hit her hard. Afraid of this, Jessica does her best by licking and kissing Chris’ feet, and even sucking every toe. You can see her saliva running through Chris’ feet and it’s so delicious that I’m sure you won’t resist!

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