Attention to my feet

Bia , Mariana
Duration 31 minutes
Quality HD
Category Foot Fetish
Date Mar 12, 2019


Bia is a sweet slave, always doing everything her boss tells her to. Mariana, the boss, arrives, while the slave is cleaning her bedroom. She demands her to stop everything she’s doing just to give attention to her feet, to take good care of those beauties she has. Bia doesn’t like it too much in the beginning and you can see it on her face, but soon she starts getting used to it and does a great job. Licking all over the foot, spreading her saliva and swallowing calves and the soles, Bia doesn’t complain at all for pleasing her boss, after all, she has such beautiful and soft feet! It’s just so delicious to watch Mariana’s toes slipping into the slave’s mouth and coming out all wet and sucked...

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