Unwashed parts

Isabel , Alessia
Duration 32 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Foot Slave
Date Jul 16, 2020


Isabel has been without a bath for 4 days, and today she decided to go exercise. When she returns, she decides to torment the slave with her rotten smell. She starts by rubbing her hand on her pussy and then on the slave's face, and shoves Alessia's nose into her private parts so she can feel the rot. But the worst part comes when Isabel takes off her sweaty socks and rubs her feet in the slave's face. What disgusting feet! They are so stinky that with every lick, every part that Alessia sucks, she feels more like throwing up. Isabel has fun with her own stench, but the slave tastes sour when sucking on her toes, and snapping and spitting saliva on Isabel's soles. Rotten!

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