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Smell our ass and soles

Tay , Veronica Lins
Duration 15 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Foot Slave
Date Aug 30, 2023


Alana figured out her boyfriend has an affair and decided to revenge about him. She starts to dancing to him, removing her clothes in a sexy strip-tease, he can not imagine what is going to happen. Tay says to him she has a surprise, a friend to participate with her, the guy is really excited and Veronica comes. But Tay changes her face and now she starts to dominate him, ordering to smell Veronica's black ass while she farts. The guy is surprised but keep on his place now as slave, the girls rubs their soles on his face while he smells and licks it. The girls keep farting and rubbing the feet on his face, removing his air until he goes down, Tay so say to him the end of relationship and wash his face with spit.

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