Polishing heels

Tay , Victoria , Alessia
Duration 32 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Foot Slave
Date Nov 12, 2020


Alessia is waiting for orders from her dommes, and for her suffering, her next task is to polish their heels ... With her tongue! They make Alessia spread saliva on their shoes, rubbing her tongue and sucking their heels, but they don't stop there. When they get barefoot, they put their feet as far as they can in Alessia's throat, in addition to pressing her head with their soles and making her suffer swallowing their toes. They kick the slave in the face and stifle her with their calves, in addition to making her suck and lick their feet so that they feel pleasure while tormenting her. Alessia almost vomits several times with these four feet in her face, poor thing!

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