Patient becomes a slave

Alana , Sabrina Green
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Foot Slave
Date Jun 04, 2020


While attending Sabrina, Dr. Alana complains about pain in her feet all the time, until the patient offers a foot massage to the brunette. Sabrina does her best with her hands, but Alana's pain increases and the doctor gets irritated, making the patient a slave! Sabrina is imposed to remove Alana's socks and kiss her feet, massaging them with her mouth, in addition to licking her soles and insteps and sucking her toes. Alana gets too horny and masturbates while running her feet through Sabrina's mouth, not letting the girl stop spreading saliva for even a minute. It seems that this type of oral massage was good for Alana's feet, huh?

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