Cruel and sweaty feet

Adila VĂȘnus , Carol Castro , Jaqueline
Duration 31 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Foot Slave
Date Jun 11, 2020


Adila and Carol arrived from the club and found Jaque resting instead of cleaning the house. To tire the slave even more and make her learn that she must do her job, the girls make her kneel and lick her dirty heels from the club. Jaque licks the surface and the soles of their shoes, cleaning everything with saliva, but the worst comes when she has to please the bare and sweaty feet of the dommes. Adila and Carol stuff everything they can from their lower limbs into Jaque's mouth, causing her to stifle several times and almost vomit, in addition to having to lick every toe, the soles, the insteps and the heels of the domes. These girls are cruel and they rub their feet in the face of Jaque, who suffers under those soles!

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