Feet covered in candy

Carol Castro , Milla
Duration 31 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Dirty Feet
Date Oct 26, 2020


Carol sent Milla trick or treating in her place, but when the domme goes to taste the candies that the slave brought, she realizes that they all taste horrible! Oh, Milla will pay dearly for this! Carol tosses the candy on the floor and starts to step on it with her dirty boots, stuffing the shattered pieces of disgusting candy into Milla's mouth with her feet, and making her eat everything. The slave has to lick, suck and kiss the lower limbs of the domme, covered with rotten candy, while receiving steps and kicks in the face. Carol is cruel and rubs her soles in Milla's face, making her stick out her tongue and soiling her completely with saliva. Of course, the domme also pushes her feet as deep as she can into the slave's throat, and Milla feels all the rotten taste of candies mixed with foot odor. Yuck!

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