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Hick cousin

Julia , Tarcila
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Foot Stifling
Date Apr 02, 2019


Julia’s cousin, Tarcila, is spending a week at her place and she’s already tired of this boring girl. Tarcila is a hick, so she only talks about pets and farm stuff, besides always asking about modern things and wearing awful clothes. Julia tries to be patient and be nice to the girl, but she just can’t stand it anymore and decides to discount all of her anger by shutting Tarcila’s mouth and not letting her breath. How? Using her beautiful feet, mainly toes and calves, to stifle the hick! Not a single particle of oxygen is allowed in her lungs! The girl gets desperate, having her mouth and nose all covered with Julia’s feet, but this city girl only feels good and relieved about it, finally being able to find some peace on Tarcila’s suffering!

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