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Foot stifling with Latifa

Latifa , Iris
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Foot Stifling
Date Sep 18, 2018


Iris is tired of hearing Latifa complaining every day that the house is not properly clean. So Iris decided to not clean the house at all, this way Latifa will really have something to complain about. But Iris wasn’t remembering that Latifa is a dominator, and doesn’t like to be made of full. She will give her slave what she deserves: a big session of foot stifling with her dirty feet. Latifa does what it takes to press her feet against Iris’ face for a long time. The slave screams and begs for forgiveness, but that just makes Latifa more angry with her! The stupid girl can't breathe with Latifa’s feet inside her mouth and on her nose. How long will she handle?

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