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Feet fight

Melissa , Dayana , Monique
Duration 31 minutes
Quality HD
Category Foot Stifling
Date May 28, 2019


These three beautiful girls are very bored! It’s a cold day and they want to warm things up a little bit. Monique then gives a brilliant idea of playing a fight they watched on television... A feet fight! The one who succeeds in stifling the other wins, catching the friend's breath with their soles or toes. Monique and Melissa start and give their best to beat each other, but Monique ends up getting the control and dominating her friend! Enjoying the result, Dayane takes Monique's place and continues to dominate Melissa, who ends up suffering in both hands and having four feet in her face, holding her breath and stifling her! What a crazy fight, poor Melissa, breathless!

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