Worked out feet

Lilith , Ariella
Duration 34 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Foot Fetish
Date Nov 21, 2019


Lilith has just arrived from the gym, and her training has been so intense that she is exhausted. She then calls Ariella to help her take off her new sneakers, but first requires the girl to lightly kiss her shoes. Once barefoot, Lilith has Ariella continue the kisses, this time on her feet, and evolve into light licks and sucks. The entire surface of the blonde's lower limbs is covered in fine saliva as Ariella licks with her tongue and leaves traces. Lilith squeezes the girl's tongue with her toes and thrusts them into her throat as deep as she can, but Ariella doesn't complain for even a second. On second thought, it must be a pleasure to be able to please these beautiful feet, right?

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adri ano

Dec 15, 2019

Ariella is so pretty.

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