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Stifled loose friend

Michele , Outro
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Foot Stifling
Date Feb 25, 2020


This beautiful brunette enters her room and finds her loose roommate, Michele, lying naked on her bed. She asks Michele to leave, but the girl scoffs at her face and refuses. The two of them fight, but the brunette doesn't have much patience and soon acts: she shoves the soles of her feet in Michele's face. Covering the holes in the girl's nose and mouth, she prevents Michele from breathing, stifling her with her feet, and only allowing her to breathe in air while switching positions, for more stifling! The toes, the sole, the instep and even the calves are rubbed and imposed against Michele's face, who tries to scream with each movement, but is prevented by the brunette's feet. No air at all!

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