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Be a slave for my feet

Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Foot Stifling
Date Mar 24, 2020


Dayana's domme comes home and finds everything messy, and it is clear that the blonde will be severely punished for it. The big brunette puts her on the bed and puts her feet in her face, covering her nose and mouth, preventing her breathing. The domme's calves fit into her mouth sometimes, in addition to the fact that Dayana's nose is pinched and closed by the domme's toes. The brunette is so bad that she still prevents Dayana from breathing while shoving her high heels and a pack of cigarettes in her mouth, she goes into despair and almost cries. Have you ever imagined how bad it must be to stifled with feet as huge as these ones? Nails painted black are scary!

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Jun 07, 2021

I love feet

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