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A maid with no air

Alessandra , Tarcila
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Foot Stifling
Date Feb 18, 2020


Alessandra is resting, when her maid Tarcila enters the room singing and making a lot of noise while she arranges things. The mistress gets very irritated but Tarcila doesn’t care, and continues her work. To stop her by power, Alessandra attacks the maid and throws her on the bed, putting her feet in her face to shut her up. She makes Tarcila swallow her toes and calves, in addition to imposing the soles of her feet against the maid's nose and leaving her completely without oxygen, with the cruelty and the intention of making her suffer. As much as Tarcila screams and tries to fight for air, Alessandra's feet are always covering her airways! What despair!

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